Hello all!

I?m sure you?ve seen me at one point or another: possibly pouring shots and shots of tequila for thirsty bar patrons and staff, or maybe it was a night when I was tied up to our pillar with duck tape, or it could have been that one bearded man with a fro, red lipstick, and bamboo hoop earrings taking your order (Yes! That was me!). Anyways the locals know me as Suzu?and as much of an introduction this may be, it equally serves as my departure from 15 Romolo.
Long story short?aside from Romolo, I?ve been working several other jobs at an average of eighteen hour work days, seven days a week, for over two years, just so I can save up to travel the world! So before I leave (or after, if I?m already gone) I?m taking this blog entry as my opportunity to reach out to our guests?because you are the reason why we do what we do.
To all the regulars I?ve had the pleasure serving; I thank you so much for all the support and encouraging advice about traveling, life, and growing up! Being the baby of the bar, I look up to those who have ?been there? and ?done that??whatever ?there? and ?that? is. Even when this job can be a little sticky and hectic at times, it?s the tender energy you all give that remind me why I?m so in love with my job. You all are one of the main reasons why my experience at Romolo has been so golden, and I will miss seeing you all!
To all those who I?ve missed out on meeting and/or have not yet been to Romolo; I?m telling you right now this bar is supported by some of the hardest working and talented individuals. We laugh and sweat together. We witness each others lives amplify. We take two vacations a year, together. Our bond is so incredibly unique?one that is incomparable to any work environment I?ve been in. Even on a busy weekend night, you?ll see that the passion the staff has for one another is raw, real, and is reflected into our craft and work ethic. I assure that you?ll feel the same oomph I felt when I first stepped into 15 Romolo, and yes you?re going to have an amazing time.
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