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“15 Romolo – North Beach

If bartender family trees were things (wait are they??), the one for 15 Romolo would be one of San Francisco’s biggest and most impressive — the dude who did the bar program at ABV started there, as did the dudes behind Trick Dog (yessir).

Romolo, which is very literally located at 15 Romolo Pl, is one of San Francisco’s hardest bars to find, mostly because it’s up a steep alleyway in the middle of strip club-filled Broadway that’s otherwise completely vacant. But when you find it, it’s all the more worth it, with expertly crafted cocktails, a photo booth, and all the dark corners you could ever want.

How to get in: Go north on Romolo Pl until you get to the Basque Hotel sign, take the first left at the red door and you’re in” [link]

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